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You Won’t Gain Weight By Eating a Balanced Diet… But You Won’t Lose Any Either.
Our weight loss clinic recommends the Ideal Protein Protocol. Ideal Protein is backed by almost a decade of success as a short-term weight loss plan, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. However, unlike many other diet programs, Ideal Protein has a heavy focus on weight management after your initial weight loss. This comes in the form of education, and smarter eating re-training. Without these elements, you are likely to regain your lost weight.

The method

and it’s benefits

Based on the results of those who have tried this program
the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method offers the following benefits:

The method and it's benefits

Losing weight can improve blood sugar levels;

The method and it's benefits

Individual coaching to educate and motivate you – your success is our success;

The method and it's benefits

Nutritional re-education to assist you in maintaining your new body weight;

The method and it's benefits

Over a decade of success; and...

The method and it's benefits

Most importantly, our dieters learn how they can ensure their results are long lasting!


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Our medically derived Weight Loss Protocol can be tailored to
just about any individual regardless of how many pounds you’re looking to lose.