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Our Triple-layer Wafers

  • Lemon Wafers

    Lemon Wafers

    Ignite your taste buds with our crispy lemon wafers. These nutritious lemon wafers are packed with a creamy lemon filling and dipped in chocolate – a sure way to hit the spot!

  • Orange Wafers

    Orange Wafers

    This combination of citrus and chocolate flavors is sure to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

  • Strawberry Wafers

    Strawberry Wafers

    Nothing compares to the scrumptious and nutritious taste of these strawberry wafers.

  • Triple Chocolate Wafers

    Triple Chocolate Wafers

    A divine treat made with creamy chocolate filling, crispy wafers and chocolate drizzle. A bite of this Triple Chocolate Wafer will fulfill a chocolate lover's dream and help keep the inches off your waistline!


  • Vanilla Wafer

    Vanilla Wafer

    Lavish your taste buds with the rich vanilla flavor of our non-restricted Vanilla Wafers. This luxurious treat combines crisp wafers, smooth chocolate taste and the creamy sweetness of vanilla, all while providing 15 grams of protein at only 180 calories.